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´╗┐We specialise in a range of services with a focus on strategic management, leadership and people based activities. We believe that organisations must recognise that the managerial practices of yesterday will not be effective or efficient tomorrow.

Our key value rests on helping to develop better practice by determining current and future capability needs. We provide professional development and services to maximise business capability. Mischief specialises in customised programmes to fit the intricacies, character and idiosyncrasies of organisations and the sectors in which they exist.

People Centred Projects

We have deep and broad experience of designing and delivering projects that focus on bringing out the best in your people. From structural design of enterprise HRM systems to sector wide employment initiatives, we have a long history of delivering successful, bespoke projects.


With broad ranging experience across vocational, university, private and compulsory education across the globe, we design learning programmes to meet formal education structures (e.g. AQF & QAA) from short modules to full degrees at school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Professional Development

Our history is built on the design and delivery of successful professional development programmes. From single CPD sessions to full senior leadership programmes, we can create a contemporary, bespoke initiative to provide your people with a suite of capabilities to be better.

Capability Building

Mischief works with governments, industry associations and business sectors to help them recognise and meet challenges with workforce structures, labour and skills shortages, employability demands and change. Our work has been used to inform sector skills funding, social policy and industry compliance initiatives.

Public Speaking

We love talking! We have broad experience of public speaking. We can bring a dynamic perspective to industry and academic conferences and events on issues such as contemporary leadership, workforce inclusion, demographic change and capability development.
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Media and Comment

We're happy to make comment on topics of interest. Both Terri and Stacey have experience with radio, television, print and delayed broadcast media. Recent topics include gender issues, changing management practices, imposter phenomenon and second machine age leadership challenges.
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Braver Stronger Smarter is part of a broad range of services designed and delivered by Mischief Business Engineering Ltd.

The programme is based on current empirical research and presents a suite of workshops and bespoke consultancy to improve the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Braver Stronger Smarter presents a consolidated suite of contemporary workshops, research, policy advice and professional consulting services. Read more at

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